Optiwin Windows

Unmatched efficiency, comfort, beauty and thermal performance make Optiwin North America's leader in Passive House rated wood windows. Their windows are handcrafted, triple-glazed and double sealed for an unmatched performance in airtightness and R-Value, eliminating the need to compromise between aesthetics and performance. Dürfeld Constructors is now a supplier of OPTIWIN windows. For more information on their products and what Optiwin can bring to your project, please contact us or visit our manufacturers website.

Dürfeld has a team trained in the installation requirements for Passive House certified Optiwin windows. For your project, Dürfeld will supply you with the information and assistance required for self installation or we can supply an employee to aid with installation if needed.

Over the last several years Austrian based company, Fresinger (manufacturer of Optiwin) has invested considerable time and resources to develop a wood based system which reaches Passive House standards. The goal was to combine the sustainable and aesthetic qualities of wood with the high energy performance

ratings generally associated with petrochemical based window materials like vinyl and fiberglass.  Freisinger recently has made their products available in North America and has a long term goal of setting up local production sites to reduce the costs, both direct and environmental, of transportation from Europe.

Due to a highly competitive market for energy rated windows in Europe, these windows can be purchased at a price comparable to local high quality fiberglass and vinyl North American windows.


Comparison for Overall Conduction Values of Different Window Types (Glazing and Frame)

Window Type U-Value (W/m2K) >R-Value (BTU/ft2Fh)
OPTIWIN Alu2Wood 0.70 8.1
AlphaWin 0.64 8.9
Canadian Standards* Energy Star 1.8 3.2
Double Pane (Standard) 3.1 1.8
Single Pane (Standard) 6.2 0.9

*Office of Energy of Efficiency Canada (http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/)