Rainbow Passive House - Whistler, BC
rainbow 10 150 Rainbow Duplex - Whistler, BC
Rainbow Duplex

Lower energy cost

The real savings for the RPHD will  occur through the dramatic reduction in heating and cooling costs.  As an example of the cost of heat, cool and provide domestic hot water for the Lost Lake Passive House (previously the Austria Haus), a 2,700 square foot building, was $280 for the entire year. A conventional building of similar size and usage would, on average, cost $3000/year for the same function.

Rainbow Complex

Completed: 2012
Developer: Dürfeld Constructors
Architect: Marken Projects Inc.
Engineer: Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Prefabricated System: BC Passive House

Dürfeld’s work with the Austrian Passive House Group on the Austria Passivhaus introduced the team to the Passive House Standard.  As a builder, architect, engineer, consumer we are faced with numerous “Green Building Standards” on the market today. Each one offers different claims, qualifies for different incentives, and each requires a different application and approving body.  The Passive House Standard is really no different.  What set the Standard apart for Dürfeld was that the approach made sense and the results were undeniable. 

The Rainbow Duplex was built as a pilot project for Dürfeld to demonstrate the benefits of the Passive House Standard and showcase BC Passive House’s innovative panelized building system.  Built as part of the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Price Restricted Housing Initiative the Rainbow Duplex was the first residence in Canada to be certified through the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

On top of Passive House Certification, the design team for the RPHD was also able to include CLT panels for the deck and middle floor construction, sustainable building products, a high-efficiency heat recovery ventilation unit with a subsoil heat exchanger, solar hot-water, triple-glazed, superinsulated windows.

For more information check out the BC Passive House Website.